Monday, March 26, 2012

Cashing In With the Cash Mob

Three cheers for all the cash mobbers who came out to support the Clovis Grocery Outlet, there were well over 20 people who showed up at 1:30 to cash in. It was a great time for everyone! Thank you to all the staff and all the great Chamber folks who lent their support to this fun and innovative trend in local marketing. Upon arrival  we were greeted with smiles (leis & badges that showed our support), a "spin the wheel" for a prize and lots of great bargains just for the Cash Mob crowd. I was so proud to participate and made it an adventure with my young daughter into a new local store. The deals were awesome and so was the coffee samples and yummy cream puffs in the produce aisle. It was really a learning experience. As most, I do my grocery shopping at the big chain stores and had no idea that just around the corner was a venue that could save me real money on groceries I buy on a regular basis. For example, I was happy to pay $2.99 (at the warehouse store across the street) for a loaf of “Iron Kids” bread on my last shopping trip. But when I saw it at The Clovis Grocery Outlet for $.99 I was shocked. And I got a huge chunk of Sorrento mozzerella cheese for $1.99 when I pay at least $4.99 (on sale) elsewhere. All in all, my savings added up to $32.00 on a bill of only $34.08. So I had to ask myself, why haven’t I checked out this place before? It’s centrally located at the NW corner of Clovis Ave and Shaw and more important it’s owned and operated by a local business person just like you and me. So I tell you all visit the Clovis Grocery Outlet there are deals to be had every day of the year…AND don’t miss the next Clovis Cash Mob event it’s loads of fun and really makes a difference in our community.