Monday, March 19, 2012

A Not So Surprising Benefit

Traditionally, when we think of benefits we assume that we are going to receive something. Today I would like to re-focus your attention on a benefit that Chamber membership affords that isn’t “something” you receive rather it is something you give, your time. By sharing your attention and effort as a volunteer you will forge new relationships and reap that feel good warmth that comes with participating in any of  the Chamber volunteer opportunities that give back to the community and other members. A few years back I was fortunate to meet with management expert Ken Blanchard and when I asked for his sage advice he simply said “Always serve”. Those two words rang in my mind when I joined the Chamber and I’m writing today to spread that simple message. As you know, Big Hat Days is on the horizon and it is not only a wonderful fun-filled family event, it is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to give some of your time to the community at large. I’m sure many of you agree that it is better to give than receive. As cliché as that may sound, it is true. So I invite and encourage you to seek out a new volunteer opportunity that will support the community, the Chamber and your success!

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