Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mixing it up with the "Big Hats"

Whoa Clovis! Last night’s “Big Hat Day’s” mixer was awesome! If you missed it here is the low down. But first in keeping with the theme of membership benefits I’d like to point out that another great take away from your membership is the opportunity to take part in the great traditions that are the foundation for the Clovis Way of Life and even better you can make your own traditions to run side by side with the community. For example, among last night’s many super cool “Big Hats” was a sparkling and top heavy display from the Educational Employees Credit Union worn proudly by Amber Crowder the Assistant Manager for the Old Town Clovis branch.  It was a crowd favorite and tied for grand champion with the high tech creative production from Ted Ruiz at Ad-Venture Video Productions. What is special about Ms. Crowder’s entry is the tradition her business family has built around this event. Each year the employees at EECU design a “Big Hat” entry and keep it hidden from the manager who will be proudly representing the EECU. On the night of the event it is unveiled and  I’m guessing this year Amber was all smiles when her sparkling rainbow and mile high headress was revealed. Now you tell me is that a cool tradition or what? (that is your invitation to comment). In total, there were 11 official entries and everyone went home a winner. Not only did Beth Bridges have great prizes for everyone, all the attention from fellow guests was great “free” promotion of their businesses. So here is a bit more “free” promo for the creative and brave souls who made this traditional event memorable.
  •  Snowflake Designs – World Famous (thanks to CNN) leotards
  •    Ad-Venture Video Productions
  •   Facelogic Spa
  • Crumb Snatcher Goodies – with and without nuts
  •  Educational Employees Credit Union
  •  Mary Kay Cosmetics 
  • Institute of Technology – New grads available for recruitment if your hiring
  • Wine Shop at Home 
  • Hungry Bear Cookies
  • Terra Biotech 
  • Neighbors Financial Corporation
      Adding to the evenings success was live entertainment from “The Morgan Canyon Band”  and the awesome selection food was graciously provided by Sierra Vista Mall residents: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Charlie’s Grilled Sandwiches, Sweet River Bar & Grill, The Pretzel Place, Panera Bread, Hot dog on a Stick, Slices California Pizza and Hungry Bear Cookies. Thank you so much, the food was delicious! Also want to give a special mention the event’s hostess Geanie Silva, Marketing Director for Sierra Vista Mall. She says to all of you “Thank you to everyone for their support of Sierra Vista Mall, once again the event had a great turnout and they are happy to sponsor it every year”. 

Ted Ruiz - Ad-Venture Video Production
Amber Crowder & EECU Family