Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How Many Hats Do You Wear?

Metaphorically I bet you can count a dozen or more different hats in your closet. There is the employee or manager hat, the parent hat, the spouse hat, the volunteer hat, the friend hat, the tax payer hat, Sometimes you probably wear a jugglers hat or is that the joker’s hat? If you run a business I’ll bet you also wear a banker’s and or a marketer’s hat. Needless to say in any given day you will wear many hats and often more than one at once. Since we are coming up on Big Hat Days, brought to you by the hard working folks at the Clovis Chamber of Commerce and the sponsorship of Table Mountain Casino, I’d like to share some thoughts on the Chamber Member Hat that we all wear.

Wearing the Chamber member hat is symbolic of many things. Top of that list is civic pride and followed closely by community involvement. Even if you don’t have time to take advantage of all the great benefits membership provides your dues and financial support of the organization speaks loudly to your commitment to being a business leader in Clovis. When you’re wearing your Chamber member hat you are sending a message to your customers, that you care about the citizens of our community and promoting economic development which brings jobs and growth to our town.

Here are SIX roles you can play when you wear a Chamber member hat which can make a difference in your success. I hope you wear it proudly.
  1. Networker – Your membership instantly enables you to grow your network by connecting with other members at mixers, workshops, luncheons and events.
  2. Ambassador – Sharing is caring and in this role you can share the benefits of membership with other business leaders who should be members.
  3. Philanthropist – By donating time, goods and services and money to the many non-profit causes the chamber supports you give directly back to the community and can see your generosity at work locally.
  4. Marketer – The Chamber has many opportunities for you to promote your business success, some are even free, like the “Good News” section or the Chamber Insider or here in the Chamber Connections blog. Many others are available at discounted rates in the Chamber publications or for sponsoring Chamber events.
  5. Civic Leader – Show your support and participate in political and legislative activities that protect and promote local small business.
  6. Successful Business Person – This role is naturally occurring for those who take on one, some or all of the above.