Friday, April 27, 2012

Traditions Old and New

The 98th Annual Clovis Rodeo is here again and with it brings a chance to celebrate traditions old and new. The signs are up to clear the streets for the big parade tomorrow morning and people everywhere are donning their boots and cowboy hats as they go out to make new memories. In Clovis we have a long list of community traditions, like Big Hat Days, The Clovis Rodeo, Clovisfest and our summer Farmer’s Market. These events bring people and businesses together to enrich our lives with fun, friendship and community pride.
Traditions are not only for family, friends and the community. Your business probably has many of it’s own traditions. Some formal and some very casual ones. It could be as simple as “casual Fridays” or having “summer hours” or “bring your kid to work” day. Honoring these traditions creates moments and memories to reflect on that go beyond the daily grind of work. Traditions afford us the opportunity to take a step back and connect with each other and the past, but they also allow us to celebrate the moment.
Hopefully, you have also extended the notion of traditions to your customers. Maybe it’s a “customer appreciation day” or an annual open house event. It could be a simple birthday or holiday card or as elaborate as a customer retreat where you host a get away to thank them for their continued support. Regardless of the details behind your customer traditions they have meaning and impact. They create a connection and contribute to creating and sustaining customer loyalty. In today’s business environment it is harder and harder to compete on price or product. So creating new traditions and honoring established ones is a means of differentiating your business and standing out in the crowd.
Take a moment today and contemplate the value of having traditions that make you and your business special. The Chamber offers many opportunities to help build and sustain your traditions by participating in events and sharing your special traditions with other members and the community. The summer is on the horizon and there is never a better time than right now to share your traditions and celebrate new ones.