Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do You Have the Right to go Postal?

The United States Postal Service is broke and losing money every day. You may have seen some news or online discussion about what will finally come off Capital Hill as a solution or as some may call it a “bailout”. It seems that there is a lot of talk around losing Saturday mail delivery to help offset the enormous financial weight the Postal Services pension obligations. So would you miss your Saturday delivery? Does snail mail matter to you? Is your mailbox a glorified trash receptacle filled with unwanted “junk” mail? Have you joined the eco-friendly option of paperless billing and statements? The bottom line is the postal service is being used less as e-commerce reaches into everyday life.

For me, my mailbox is usually filled with direct mailers and magazines and on occasion a greeting card. Not a monumental event on any given day. So I wondered do I care about Saturday mail service? I know folks in rural areas are caring quite a bit more than the urbanites, like myself who recyle most of their postal deliveries. Then the funniest thing happened, Saturday's mail arrived. When I took a moment to browse through it I was struck with irony. This Saturday’s delivery was filled with 5 items that I was really quite excited to receive. So I have to share.

First, the City of Clovis sent out their flyer about the our Community Clean Up project and schedule. Great news as I have been spring cleaning, like many, and have some discards I’d like picked up. This service is part of your City of Clovis trash, water and sewage charges so you should take advantage and check out list and specifications of items the City will remove from your curbside in the coming weeks.

Second I received the Clovis Chamber of Commerce's flyer about reserving your advertising space in next year's Member Directory. Check your mail or just contact Dave Waligorski @ (559) 252-7174 or davevaligorski@comcast.net. There are ad solutions for everyone and now is the time to reserve your space. This is a great tool for any member wanting to reach out to the community.

Third, the State of California sent me my “Official Voter Information Guide”  for our Presidential Primary Election Tuesday June 5, 2012. I not big on talking politics but I will say I’m proud to have the right to vote and my Saturday mail delivery reminded me of that.

The interesting mail continued. As kindergarten parent I receive the Connecting with Clovis/CUSD Today publication it was filled will important information on the pending Measure A vote and it’s impact on the district and it also had the Clovis Community Calendar which I’ll use to update my Summer calendar.

Lastly the big bonus was a coupon for a free “$5 Exterior Express Wash” from Waterwheel Express Car Wash @ 1750 Villa Ave. I already take advantage of their great eco-friendly service I also appreciate no additional charges to use their high powered vacumes. So this Saturday’s mail actually paid me.

Well my experience has prompted me to ask you to support your right to go Postal and take a moment and hand write a note or card to someone you’ve been thinking of. Invest the .45 cents in making someones day. Everyone enjoys receiving mail that has a message they want to read and if Saturday mail delivery matters to you the Post Office needs your business. 

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